A picture to talk about with my daughter

Postage Stamp Pictures from Perforation started out as me creating a picture to talk about with my daughter. I came across the unwanted postage stamp collections of my boyfriend, his mum and his brother. I rooted through them looking for stamps with beautiful graphics and interesting themes with the idea of creating some collages for my new baby. At first they went up on the wall but then when we started to talk about the pictures they came down so we could hold them and get right up close to the details. We still like to talk about the animals, learn their names and imagine their stories. My Postage Stamp Pictures now have the name Stampedes – I think that suits the chaotic energy the pictures have – and many have now been given as presents to family and friends who appreciate childhood tales, flowers, transport, space and small beautiful illustrations.

The original two Postage Stamp Pictures from perforation

Postage Stamp Pictures in my home. The original two pictures to talk about with my daughter called Animal Stampede and Childhood Stampede

You can read about why I love postage stamps and the pictures I make on this blog.

I have postage stamp pictures all over my home and think framed stamps are simply great. The friends and family that I have made them for all seem to love them.

To commission an Original Stampede contact me at fromperforation@gmail.com and let me know the places and interests that are special.

Ready-made Stampedes available at Animal Studios Art Jumble Affordable Art Sale

Animal Studios Art Jumble Affordable Art Sale

Sneak Peak - Stampedes at Animal Studios Art Jumble Affordable Art Sale

ART JUMBLE. Affordable Art Sale @ Animal Gallery.


Come along to the ART JUMBLE, an affordable mixed media art show right in the heart of the cultural quarter in Bedford. We are opening the 10th January and you are invited to come along to browse, mingle or buy. We are open 10.30 until 4.30 on Saturdays and 10.00 until 6.30 on weekdays.

Come along and please do tell your friends.